If you are in charge of security at a place like LaGuardia airport, it would be difficult to have enough cameras to cover all areas of the facility. Those in New York have addressed this issue through the implementation of a mobile camera – a robot that roams throughout the baggage claim areas and concourses presumably documenting all that it sees. Think of it as a NannyCam for the airport; it can watch what goes on even when the owner is not there.

This was the first robotic camera that I have encountered but I imagine that they will become more popular at large venues and events. It would be especially effective as a security member in temporary situations: festivals, parades, concerts, etc. The cost of fixed cameras may be prohibitive, but the robot could do the trick.

Everything in your organization does not need to be permanent. How can you adapt the principles of the security robot to infuse some technology or temporary support to meet your needs? Instead of Big Brother watching you, your eyes could come from the robotic Little Brother instead.

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