Everything about my trip to New York was fantastic – except my experience in getting there and back. I was flying on a “free” ticket from my credit card rewards which meant that I was booked in American’s new “economy class.” If they could have strapped me to the wings instead of giving me a seat, it felt like they would have.

Economy class means they will let your body on the plane as part of the ticket price; anything else costs extra. If you want to get a seat assignment, it costs money. If you want a boarding pass before the gate, get out your credit card. No carry-on baggage; you pay to check your luggage. You’re in the last group on the plane.

Why do organizations focus so much on price and make the experience so miserable that it negates any good feelings about a discount rate? There is a base price to provide a quality service. While you may be tempted to go below that, in the end, you are cutting into your reputation more than you are boosting your profits. Charge what it takes to provide a pleasurable experience.

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