The breaking of a bone can be a traumatic experience for a child – or not.

One St. Louis pediatric orthopedist turned a broken bone into an adventure and had his 6-year old patient leave with a smile in addition to her cast. How did they do it?

>No plain, boring white casts. The patient was able not only to pick out her color but had the option to add sparkles to the plaster mix. Somehow, a sparkly pink cast doesn’t seem as medicinal or daunting as a boring white one.

>Since she’s a thumb sucker, they took special care to accommodate for that and left the thumb outside the cast.

>The cast came complete with a mini-Sharpie so the patient was immediately equipped to get autographs – thus making the cast personalized and cool.

As a pediatric orthopedist, his entire clientele consists of children with injuries. By turning the office visit into a fun experience for them, it has the effect of helping the visit go much more smoothly for him. How can you adopt some of these principles and help deliver glitter among the medicine you must serve?

Thanks, Brian!


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  1. From Lucy: Hello beth: I love it when doctors make children smile.. I think you will appreciate this story…

    New Jersey dentist uses magic to put nervous kids at ease
    MON, JUN 04
    Dr. Eyal Simchi turns something most kids dread into jaw dropping fun — just as quickly as you can say “abracadabra.”


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