People often wait until the last minute to complete a task, using the rationale that they were too busy to get the job done sooner. I think this is faulty logic.

Waiting until the last minute often requires more time – in part, because it makes it difficult for others to help you.

For example:

>If the content isn’t finalized, no one can help you develop the presentation or make copies.

>If the menu isn’t planned, someone else can’t get the groceries for you.

>If the vacation flight isn’t booked, others can’t reserve the car or line up the dog sitter.

>If your idea is still being changed up until the presentation, you are unable to brainstorm with others or get input.

>If you wait to write your grant right before it is due, you’re on your own to proof it, too.

>If you shop for a gift on the way to the party, you also need to buy a gift bag and tissue instead of having someone else wrap it at home.

And on it could go.

Investing in planning that allows you to delegate, share and receive feedback ultimately will pay you back with not only an improved outcome but one that requires less of you at the last minute. Time spent on the front end is exponentially more valuable than cramming on the back end.

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