Yesterday’s dot idea came from a friend who sent me a text about his experience, specifically because he knew it was a possible leadership dot. I receive frequent dot ideas from close family and friends; I always enjoy them and often incorporate them into a published lesson.

For me, the best part is that that people have the ideas and are seeing connections in the world. Leadership dots (the blog and the company) are designed to help you see patterns and meaning when otherwise you would not. Even the leadership dots logo intentionally incorporates the string, not just the dots, because it is all about making connections.

I hope that reading leadership dots goes beyond just the dots themselves and their explicit lessons. I write them to inspire you to see things differently, and I hope that reading them subliminally makes you more aware of what is around you.

So, the next time you say: “that could be a dot”, know that you’ve internalized the whole point. (And feel free to pass along your ideas to me!).

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  1. I know I tease about my many and great ideas, but I truly hope that something I say inspires you for a dot in some way.

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