When we are accounting for resources or making claims about our assets, we often look inward to determine the tally. But one school in Boston took a broader perspective of the benefits it has to offer students.

Suffolk University proclaims: “1,877 law firms on campus” because it adds “Our campus is Boston.” They are wise to take advantages of the resources of their urban environment and to consider what the city offers for students instead of trying to duplicate it.

Think of how you can reframe the resources you have within your circle. Do you take into account what connections your office complex could offer or what talents could be shared? Have you considered what benefits are available when you redefine the parameters as the “Catholic community” instead of just your parish? Or when you see yourself as a member of “youth sports” instead of the soccer club?

Recast your vision to see what connections you can create with an expansive worldview.

Thanks, Meg!

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