Supervision is strength training for the organizational body.

“When properly performed, strength training can provide significant functional benefits and improvement in overall health and well-being.*” The same is true of effective supervision.

Like strength training that provides a host of residual benefits, strong supervision reverberates throughout the entire organization. Effectiveness, efficiency, morale and output are all improved and there is reduced potential for unchecked failures. Supervision is one of the few skills that is personally rewarding in addition to enhancing organizational production.

And, like strength training, it is not glamorous. You cannot achieve mastery in one session or without continued investment in building the trait. You need to start small and do many reps to achieve results. You begin physical training with the torso and strengthen the core first, using a variety of techniques and working different muscles. You also master core supervisory skills before building on them and tailor techniques to the specific person or group you are targeting.

Strength training helps the whole body enhance its function and endurance through incremental improvements. It improves energy and confidence, decreases stress, improves cognitive function and boosts energy for an extended period after contact.** Supervision helps an organization do the same.

Build your organizational muscle by embarking on a supervisory strength training regimen. Your entire organization will benefit from the capacity you create.

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