Just about a year ago, our city opened a new $37 million airport terminal. It is a beautiful facility, full of light and post-9/11 amenities that serve passengers well.

But for all the care that was given to the building and the inside of the structure, someone dropped the ball on the outside. Even though the terminal has been open since June 9, 2016, there still are no permanent signs outside. The directional signs are the same ones mounted on sawhorses and held with sandbags that were there on opening day — when I thought the finishing touches had yet to be completed. Little did I know that they would still be that way a year later! What should have been a package deal apparently was instead done piecemeal and no one paid attention to the details beyond the terminal itself.

Don’t let your next big project fall prey to working in silos. You’ll soar higher if someone looks at the project as a whole and ensures that budgets and tasks are appropriately assigned for all aspects — both inside and out.




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