As you look at your calendar and manage your to-do list, there is always something additional that could be done. Your whole day could be spent contributing to others — via meetings, projects, phone calls, etc. Most are worthwhile uses of time and need to be continued…

But as you look at your calendar and how you spend your productive hours, it is important to carve some time to fill your brain instead of utilizing what is already there. Examples include:

> reading at lunch one day/week instead of eating with others
> taking an art class instead of serving on a volunteer board this year
> watching a TED Talk rather than playing a game on your phone
> attending a lecture instead of going to a movie
> joining Toastmasters and foregoing the golf league
> listening to non-fiction instead of romance novels
> scheduling time to read your professional journal instead of scheduling another meeting
> meeting with someone in another field instead of lunching with colleagues
> signing up for a free webinar on a topic that is new to you

There are many ways to stimulate our thinking and to add new experiences that will help us gain a new perspective. To boost your brain power, be intentional about making time to put in rather than always putting out.

beth triplett

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