A few weeks ago, I received a postcard in the mail offering me a $15 discount on dog food. It was substantial enough that I decided to give chewy.com a try, and one order was all it took to turn me into a fan.

I am not sure how they do it, but the same bags of dog food that I used to buy in the store are now delivered right to my door for less. No more lugging 30# into the cart, onto the counter, into the car and then into the garage. Now it just shows up at my house, every six weeks, without any further intervention on my part. 

But more than that, Chewy is fun. Their customer evaluation started with “Whaddyathink?” and continued to read: 

We want to hear it all- tell us the good, the bad and the furry! And don’t forget to upload a picture of your pet pal. We’ll crowd around a computer, say a collective “Awwww!” and try to pet the screen. Thank you for sharing!
Lots of Pet Love and Happiness,
Your family at Chewy.com.

After my second order, I received a hand written postcard. Their boxes encourage me to take a picture of my pet sniffing the box (which they do!) and send it in to them. It is like the Zappos for pets.

Not every company would be authentic when utilizing such a fun style, but for some it works. Think about what tone is right for you and then own it. If your culture is light-hearted but your correspondence is formal, you could take a lesson from Chewy and let your promotion wag a little bit more.

beth triplett

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