Every other holiday has exploded with commercialism, so I shouldn’t be surprised that it has carried over to Memorial Day/Fourth of July. Red, white and blue merchandise has become omnipresent, from towels at Kohls to hangars at Walmart, it seems that products in those three colors are e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

The patriotic theme carries through to decorations, packaging on every type of food product, clothing, jewelry and home accessories. If it was a response to or way to demonstrate increased patriotism, I’d be all for it, but we all know it is a merchandising ploy to extract green from wallets into cash registers.

Nonetheless, I hope that for those who buy some items off the prominent displays that some of the patriotic feel rubs off on them. Take a moment today to recognize those who made the sparkle possible. 

Memorial Day is the first of many summer holidays that could have us waving Old Glory (Flag Day, Independence Day), and I hope you wave your flag proudly for this great country of ours.

beth triplett

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