There are two main routes between where I live and the Twin Cities:

Route A is 312 miles and is estimated to take 5 hours and 3 minutes.

Route B is 253 miles and should take you 4 hours and 37 minutes.

Just looking at those facts would cause most people to automatically pick Route B — it’s shorter and faster. But if you look closely, you’ll see that going an additional 59 miles in Route A takes you just 26 minutes more. That’s because Route B winds through many small towns, meaning the majority of the trip is on two-lane roads where there are stop signs and speed limits, some as low as 25 mph.

So, if it is a perfect day weather-wise and you are inclined to pay attention to varying speeds and many turns, Route B is the one for you. If you’d rather pop in an audio book, set the cruise to 70 and have four-lane roads the entire trip, then you should spend the extra half hour and take Route A.

Traveling to Minneapolis, as with most decisions you make in your organization, comes with a choice. Neither is automatically right or wrong, but which way you travel should be an intentional decision. Think about what you value most before you select your route.

beth triplett

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