In a sermon I recently heard, the priest* told a story about his childhood. When he was a young boy, his neighbor Myrtle was his babysitter. Every afternoon, Myrtle’s friend, her dog and the boy would pile into Myrtle’s Pontiac and visit “whatever country” he wanted to visit that day.

This was accomplished through the miracle of imagination — and a View-Master with reels showing important places from various countries. He could look out the window through the View-Master and see the sights as if he were there in person. And much to his amazement, Myrtle and her friend spoke every language, so their car conversations changed according to which country they were visiting that afternoon. The View-Master trips served as entertainment, education and a delightful way to stimulate his interest in other countries. 

We all need someone like Myrtle in our life who shows us a world bigger than we can see on our own. Who can you inspire today by sharing your imagination and possibilities with them?

beth triplett

*Fr. James Cassidy, St. Joan of Arc Parish, Minneapolis

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