I recently had some medical lab work done, and when I met with the doctor she said that my “bad” cholesterol was just under where she’d like it to be, but my “good” cholesterol was so good that I could “keep doing what I’ve been doing.”

I think this is a metaphor for many things in life: we have something that is less than desirable, and we compensate for it by strengths that outshine the weaknesses. We’re not great with English, but excel in math so become an engineer. We dislike the traffic of a big city but live there anyway because we love the culture. We aren’t social but need to raise funds, so become proficient at grant writing and social media.

Think about what your “bad” is and what you can do, not to change it, but to mitigate its impact through enhancing the “good.” Cholesterol isn’t the only thing that has powerful pros to help you outshine the cons.

beth triplett

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