I recently purchased a new pair of shoes and was surprised to see them come with a large WARNING! tag attached to them. The shoes were flats with closed toes, yet in six languages, I was cautioned:

To avoid severe personal injury when riding escalators and moving walkways:
> stand in the middle of the step facing forward
> do not contact any surface next to the moving tread or step
> step carefully when getting on and off
> hold children’s hand and supervise children at all times

All of that may be good advice, but I wonder what the back story is that caused this degree of legal-covering-of-behind.

It is sad to me that the shoe company has to put more warnings in place than the escalator company itself. If we had this much fear, no adult, let alone child, would venture onto an escalator, yet they are present in most stores and public places.

Warnings are an important thing. Taking care on an escalator is a good idea. And so is using common sense in how far you go in stating the obvious.

beth triplett

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