I love many things about spring, but the one frustration comes when deciding outerwear. In this season, you are either too hot with a coat or chilly without one. The same principle applies to an umbrella; do you carry one on cloudy days or take your chances?

I think you can tell something about a person by their spring coat (or lack thereof). Those who are more cautious bring the coat and shed it if necessary. They carry the umbrella at the slightest chance of rain, and are glad to have it “in case”. Those who take more risks go without a coat or protection, and improvise if the weather turns. 

I also think it is telling to see people who are still wearing their normal winter wear, seemingly oblivious to the fact the temperature has increased by 50+ degrees. I wonder if they are stuck in a routine in other aspects of their lives and just keep doing what they have been doing without evaluation.

Many may not consider fashion choices as a test of temperament, but I think that all mannerisms are interrelated. Those optimistic in one area of their life are more likely positive in others; those who are creative in one venture carry that over to other aspects of life, etc.

Tomorrow as you are reaching into the coat closet, take an extra second to consider your choice. Rote or intentionality does matter in other things, and it begins with which one you wear as you walk out the door.

beth triplett

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