I recently checked out two books from the library. They were due back in three weeks, but I have already read and returned them.  Why? Because there was a deadline attached to them.

There have been times when I have purchased a book and it ends up on a pile. I eventually get to it, but that same sense of urgency isn’t there. I still have a book I received for Christmas that is unread, but the library books are always finished early.

How can you create deadlines for yourself to become more productive? You could self-impose due dates for projects or phases of your goals. In meetings, you could publicly declare when you will complete your portion of the work. You could hold yourself accountable to timelines, aided by the fact you attached dates to them. 

If a little rubber stamp with a date in a book can motivate you too, then use a real or even imaginary stamper to expedite your actions. Due dates are powerful tools, and even if you need to renew, I’ll bet you are far more conscious of completing it than if the return schedule was open ended.

beth triplett 

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