We all know that today begins Daylight Saving, but you know anyone who likes it? Of course no one is in favor of losing an hour, but I don’t know anyone who is in favor of the concept of switching clocks period. This is a practice that has outlived its usefulness and should go the way of milk in glass bottles and ice delivered to “ice boxes.”

The world is now on a 24-hour cycle and the switching of clocks is disruptive to commerce as well as snoozing. In addition, the sleep deprivation caused by “losing an hour” has other negative consequences.

According to stopdst.com, on the Monday after the switch to Daylight Saving Time fatal traffic accidents rose 17% and there was a 68% increase in lost working days due to workplace injuries that day. WebMD reports that DST is associated with 2 days of increased stroke risk. Maybe all the maladies are because ZzzQuil is actually promoting their product for today so you “sleep like you never lost that hour” and people are drugged as well as tired! 

Daylight Saving Time has been around in some version since 1918, all under the pretense of saving energy. But stopdst.com reports a study that estimated in Indiana alone, energy costs rose $9 million due to DST. 

People seem to be having enough of it. The Washington Post reports that there are laws under consideration in 19 states to abolish Daylight Saving Time. Hurrah!

I hope you will use the limited time you have today and share your dislike with the people who can take action to abolish the practice, rather than just grumbling to your friends and family. Join the movement and Tweet #stopDST to your legislators. The only thing we should be saving is our sleep and sanity.

beth triplett

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