In the recent People magazine, Justin Bieber is quoted as saying to GQ: “If I could go back, I wouldn’t really change much. I think it’s all my journey. That stuff made me who I am.”

I never quote “The Bieb”, but his observation reminded me of a conversation I just had with a colleague. We were discussing options that I am considering for “what’s next” in my life, and she recalled when she was at a similar career junction. The advice given to her was: “no matter which option you choose, it will open up other opportunities and you will learn something from it.” Wise words!

There are points in the decision process, for both big things and small, that the best option is to pick an option and go with it. Either path will lead to new things, and help make you who you are.

— beth triplett

Source: Chatter column, People magazine, February 29, 2016, p. 2
Thanks Kelsey for the advice! 

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