There is a whole world out there of professional associations of which I was previously unaware. In short, there is an association for everything.

Some examples of associations with current job openings:
> Prestressed Concrete Institute
> Large Urology Group Practice Association
> Apartment Association of Greater Orlando
> National Association of Counties
> American Society of Nephrology
> US Association of Cider Makers
> American Jail Association
> American College of Chest Physicians
> Portland Cement Association
> American Association of Blood Banks

At times we feel alone in our professional world, thinking that no one else outside our small circle of colleagues “gets” what we do. We may be right. But undoubtedly there are others who share similar professional pursuits, and we can bond with them through an association. 

Belonging is one of the most primal instincts of humans, and associations allow us to surround ourselves or foster connections with others with whom we have work in common.  We can be with people who understand the jargon, live the frustrations, share the joys and ponder the same questions that we do.

Take a moment to look externally and see what you can learn from your professional tribe. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when technology makes it so easy to learn from those who are also working with it everyday.

beth triplett

Source:  American Society of Association Executives — there’s even an association for associations!
ASAE jobs

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