When I wrote yesterday that benefits and learning come from whatever option we choose, I was referencing the larger decisions we make. These are the choices that require some thought and research, and often have implications that change the trajectory of our life.

But there are dozens of decisions that we need to make every day, and many of them have little or no consequences. Why do we spend emotional energy debating whether to wear the red tie or blue one? To eat Italian or Mexican food for supper? To watch Movie A or Movie B? To take your car or mine?

To avoid the casual angst over decisions such as these, I now turn to the Coin Flip app. In one handy flick of the finger, the virtual coin (complete with sound effects!) tosses in the air and lands. Heads: it’s the red tie. DONE. 

Don’t waste any more of your precious time pretending that the decision has consequence and debating the merits of both sides. Commit to Heads or Tails, either in reality or on your phone, and move on. Trust me, it really won’t matter how it lands. Your time is worth more than the money you are tossing.

— beth triplett

Thanks to Toby!

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