Ever since the changeable type balls on the iconic IBM Selectric typewriters, I have been fascinated with the impact the mere change of font can have on a document.

And, although I can’t remember who said it, I believed it when I heard that “good design is 90% typography and 10% blank space.”

I think good work is like that too — 90% of the outcome is what you do with the product/project itself and 10% is the context that surrounds it.  You need to provide a breather between one idea and the next. You need to leave that 10% to allow your staff to regroup and recharge. You need to give space for others to weigh in.

When you are pondering your to-do list for the weekend or the next task you’re getting ready to tackle at work, think about your 10%. Be sure you build in some blank space.

— beth triplett

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