I just read that the company that makes Etch A Sketches sold their rights to the toy to a Canadian company. It brought back a flood of nostalgia about the many hours I spent turning those knobs, trying to make that aluminum powder into some recognizable shape.

I have always liked the Etch A Sketch; maybe because it is one of the simplest ways in life to get a do-over. There was no risk in trying something since you knew it could be undone in one shake.

I have used the toy as gifts at the end of a retreat about change and at the start of a departmental reorganization. In one visual, it encapsulates so much about trying and starting anew.

How can you adopt the Etch A Sketch mentality and make a fresh start on something today? Maybe, in honor of Valentine’s Day, you can clean the slate on a relationship, or perhaps a new venture awaits in your professional life. Either way, don’t be afraid to shake it up and embrace another beginning.

— beth triplett

Source:  Ohio company sells classic Etch A Sketch, The Associated Press in the Telegraph Herald, 2-13-16

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