If you keep up with dishes and do them right away, it requires little effort to keep the dishes clean.  If you let them sit in the sink for days on end, the food dries and hardens, thus requiring strength to remove it.

I think this simple little analogy applies to weight loss as well. If you eat healthy foods on a regular basis and maintain your desired weight, it becomes a routine that demands less from you.  But if you ignore your weight for awhile, it will require a much more strenuous effort when you turn your attention towards it.

The same can be said for all sorts of projects. If you keep up with the data collection, it’s a piece of cake. If you go back and try to recreate it, it is arduous. If you are attentive to lawn maintenance, it is easy to maintain. If you let erosion and weeds take over, you have a chore on your hands to reclaim your landscaping.

The next time you’re tempted to procrastinate or put off a seemingly minor task, visualize the stack of dishes.  Do you want to wipe away the food with ease or spend the time deep scrubbing the pot?

— beth triplett

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