I met a friend from St. Louis last week and she remarked on the lack of patience that she sees in organizations. “Everyone is looking for the silver bullet, and they don’t have the patience to stick with a plan and see it out. It may sound old school, but it is true.”

As the world moves faster, more and more people in organizations are looking for quick results. And the options that promise to achieve them are plentiful, making it even harder to have the discipline to stay the course and see something through.  

It is true in our personal lives as well. Diet plans, home tidying-up manifestos, ground-floor investments, speed dating and political speeches all promise to make our world a better place in a jiffy.

Most of what is worthwhile takes time. The high road isn’t the short road.

— beth triplett

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  1. Great read for today beth! This read could not have come at a better time. One of the groups I'm working with is navigating change right now and this was a great baseline conversation to have with them. Thanks for writing!

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