Today has the least amount of daylight of any day during the year.  

I know this because my dad’s birthday was today, and every year he would say: “today is the shortest day of the year” and lament in such a way that implied that the clock only struck for 20 hours instead of the usual 24. My dad was the biggest night owl I ever met and I think he missed the opportunity to boast that there were more nighttime hours on this day as a special tribute to him!

Almost everything has two perspectives, and it is up to you to choose which one you adopt for your attitude. Some people hate the snow; others are bemoaning the fact that we have had only one accumulation this winter. Some find snow shoveling tedious; others rely on it for income.  

Some are overwhelmed by the holiday chaos; others revel in it. Those who have recently lost a loved one would give anything to have their departed around to add to the revelry; others long for a certain someone to be absent from the festivities.

In this season where you may find yourself stressed to your limit, remember the attitude you adopt is the one thing you can control. May you experience not just peace on earth and joy to the world, but peace in your demeanor and joy in your outlook.

— beth triplett

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