Yesterday I was out shopping with the masses, more for sport than necessity.  Because I was not in a time crunch, I went with my friend to Menards, a regional hardware chain.  

As we were walking the aisles, a man in the traditional Menards employee vest came up to us and asked if we needed any assistance. “You look very familiar,” my friend said to him.  “You look like John Menard (the president whose caricature appears in all their advertising.)” 

“I am John Menard!” replied the man.

Here it was, one of the busiest weekends of the year, and the man who owns the place (and 280 more just like it) is helping customers find things in the aisles.  What a great role model of service for his employees.

What can you do to emulate Mr. Menard’s example?  Have you spent time on the front lines of your organization or assumed the role of some of your staff?  There are many lessons to be learned by leaving your office and going to where the business truly takes place.  

— beth triplett


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