I spent most of yesterday afternoon running around town trying to find boys boots for our Christmas adopt-a-family.  Even though we just had our first snow, apparently everyone has cleared the shelves already.  The first four places we went were out of the size I needed, or out of boots completely.  (In November — but that is for a different blog.)

I felt so out of my element; I was not even sure where to shop for little boy boots. And once I found them, for the life of me I couldn’t understand kids’ shoe sizing.  How can a 12 be for the little boy and a 2 be for the elder?

I am sure there is a logical method to the sizing madness, and I am also confident that mothers have this all figured out so they don’t even think twice when shopping.  But I was a stranger in a foreign land.

Once again, the lesson was brought home that what you take for granted others find complex and confusing.  I try to be diligent about not using jargon in college admission and financial aid, but it applies to boot shopping and just about every other pursuit as well.  Those familiar with the experience find it so second nature that they never even give a second thought to the fact others may not understand.

It pays to walk a mile in someone else’s boots and remember what it’s like to experience something for the first time.

— beth triplett

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