Our local Fazoli’s restaurant has been heavily promoting their drive through service.  I frequent their dining room (only), but I didn’t mind that they had ads about the other way you could order.

But the push to drive through has escalated.  First they offered a free cookie.  Then it was a free upgrade to a combo meal.  Then only drive through customers were entered into a drawing for Taylor Swift concert tickets, a $100 gas card and a free entree every week for a year!  Every time I go in there, it seems that there is a sign telling me about the rewards I could have if I had stayed in my car.

I really don’t understand the drive to get me to stay curbside.

Companies are always using incentives to influence your behavior, but think about your loyal customers when you hatch a plan to woo new ones.  How will they feel?  Amazon offered discounted Prime memberships to newbies, but loyalists had to pay the full freight.  Magazines are notorious for first-time subscriber rates that are lower than renewals.  Those who use the ATMs pay a fee whereas those who go inside do not.

Don’t run the risk that your growth strategy will cause customers to drive by instead of drive through.  

— beth triplett

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