I came home from work last night to find it much darker than usual due to the change away from Daylight Savings Time.  “It’s too dark to walk the dogs,” I thought to myself.  “My route involves a fair bit of walking in the street and there aren’t street lights throughout the whole path.  It would be dangerous.”

And then I remembered the Dear Amy column that I just read.  It was a response to a previous reader who had lamented that they didn’t have time to train properly.  The reader wrote:

I had a friend, a single, working mom who couldn’t leave the house after her kid’s bedtime, so she trained to climb Mt. Rainier by wearing a loaded backpack climbing up and down the stairs in her home for hours every night.  How badly does Unhappy want that ultra-marathon?  Signed — Owner of My Life

Well, what could I do after that?

Of course, I changed my route, put on blinking tags for the dogs, and off we went.  

The next time you’re tempted to be a slacker or create reasons why you can’t do something, think of that mom with her backpack.  I’ll bet the task ahead of you is far less daunting than climbing a real, honest to goodness mountain.  Will you be the owner of your life or the master of excuses?  

— beth triplett

Dear Amy in the Telegraph Herald, October 31, 2015

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