I am paid bi-weekly, so my salary is divided by 26 pay periods.  Last Friday was the third pay period in October.  It shouldn’t matter at all — I know my pay is calculated taking that into account, but somehow it felt like a bonus paycheck.  I had already paid the month’s mortgage, car payment and utility bills, and so Friday felt like extra money.

The same phenomenon happened yesterday with the end of Daylight Savings Time.  While I hate to see the daylight lessen, it was glorious having that extra hour of time.  Like with my paycheck, I know that it is all calculated in the grand scheme of things and isn’t really a true bonus, but it felt like it.  

I think most people are like me and revel in having an “extra” beyond the normal allocations or expectations.  Whether it is time, money or goodies on Clinique Bonus Day, people like receiving more than to which they are accustomed.

How can you delight your customers with something more than they were anticipating?  Even a little extra can make a big difference in how people feel about you.

— beth triplett

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