Even though the new movie doesn’t come out until December, the marketing force behind the new Star Wars movie seems to have done its magic.  Last night, there were Darth Vaders worn by kids who were not even born when the original movie series came out.

It’s no wonder, as the Star Wars hype has been hard and heavy for months.  Target had a full aisle during the back-to-school push and the merchandising has already brought in millions.  

I wonder if it is true interest in the franchise or whether it is more nostalgia driving the madness.  As someone who, gasp, has never seen any of the movies (and somehow still has managed to lead a happy life), I don’t understand the mania.  But I do acknowledge that is there.

Think about what can become iconic for your organization.  It won’t rival the magnitude of Star Wars of course, but is there something out there that you can bring back for the next generation to enjoy?  Everything that is popular doesn’t have to be new.

— beth triplett


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