Over the weekend I had the good fortune to play with an 8-week old retriever puppy.  I was in love!

The owner talked about the possibility of getting another pup from a later litter (as retrievers really are pack animals and do better in pairs.)  Her comment caused an immediate flashback to when I acquired my dogs.  

I, too, got one from one litter and another later — and essentially endured three years of puppy antics because of it.  I often lamented about not just getting two from the first litter and being done with it…

…but then I would not have my Iris (don’t tell, but she’s my favorite!)  I’m sure puppy #2 would have been wonderful, but she wouldn’t be the same.

The bottom line lesson for me in all of this is to accept your circumstances as they are.  Yes, there would have been distinct benefits of having a shortened puppy-training period, but there would have been losses from that as well.  

Keep your speculation to events you have control over instead of playing “what if” while looking in the past. Yesterday’s bone is buried.

— beth triplett

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