Technology allows today’s machines to run with so little effort that we become complacent:

> we do other things while we drive instead of staying 100% focused on the road
> we leave the washer or dryer running when we leave the house
> we forget to change the filter on the furnace or keep the area around it clean
> we leave space heaters running when we’re not in the room

Equipment works so well…

…until it doesn’t.

Those hours of boredom while driving can become terror in an instant.  The laundry can turn into a flood and heaters into a fire.  Suddenly, things that we take for granted are that way no longer.

Is this true in your organization as well?  Do you treat it like a well-oiled machine and let it hum along without your intervention?  Perhaps there are processes and procedures that should proactively merit your attention.  Best to tend to them in the maintenance mode rather than when you have a blow out.

— beth triplett

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