I remember when selling a house involved using a realtor and selling other items meant running a classified ad in the local paper.  Now there are hundreds of ways to move your merchandise and to learn about what is available from other sellers.

A new company coordinates selling real estate with texting and serves as a central hub for showcasing property and connecting interested parties. It still uses the same low-tech signs in the window, but instead of a phone number, it gives an option to text to a third party line.

Think about how you can marry new technology with traditional forms of communication.  Is there a way for your organization to serve as a clearinghouse for other transactions or for you to be a beneficiary of this type of exchange?

Consider whether a buffer of privacy and security is desired before you put yourself out there directly.  There are still benefits to a middle man, even if that is really just a server or the cloud.

— beth triplett


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