A new car dealer just opened in town after months of teaser billboards preparing us for their arrival.  First it was a peace sign, then a heart was added, then a shamrock and finally the VW logo.  All this to announce a new dealership grand opening on September 14.  I’m sure they were riding high to be the only provider in town of the world’s top automaker.

And then September 18 came.  If you have paid attention to the news lately, you no doubt heard about the trouble at Volkswagen.  On the 18th, the EPA accused VW of installing software on its cars specifically to circumvent the emission testing.  The CEO has been fired, production halted, legal battles initiated, global investigations started and fines levied.  It is a mess.

Talk about bad luck or timing!

I do not know the people at this dealership, but I feel for them.  Circumstances far beyond their control have upended their business plan, dreams and perhaps even livelihood.  

This scenario helps me keep things in perspective. While my world is clearly not problem-free, at least I’m not charged with reducing 15 tons of waste as I wrote about yesterday or opening a dealership for a brand involved in an international scandal.  

Someone always has it harder than you do.  Remember the new VW dealer the next time you’ve got the woe-is-me bug.

— beth triplett

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