I recently purchased new glasses at a specialty optical shop so that Rhonda-the-Expert could pick out my frames for me.  She came highly recommended, and I have purchased (and liked) the first pair she chose for me the last three times I needed them.

While I was waiting for Rhonda, I decided to do an experiment and see what frames I would pick if I was doing it on my own.  Of the 20 or so pair Rhonda had me try on, not one resembled what I would have chosen for myself — yet another confirmation of why I go to her in the first place.

Rhonda looks at a person and instantly sees things I don’t see: the spacing of the eyes, the height of the bridge, the coloring of the skin and the shape of the face.  She knows which lenses look best with that combination, and her suggestions truly do look good.  Thus, even though glasses are a significant expense and they are something that I will have on almost every waking hour for the next two plus years, I was in the store less than a half hour.  I have literally taken more time to buy a greeting card than to buy new frames.  

I am comfortable letting another guide (ok, all but determine) my choice for something so costly and visible, but I don’t always seek out help on other things.  Others really do have expertise in certain areas, and we might save time and have better results if we trusted them. 

Experts can help you not only look good while you see, but can help you see solutions clearly as well.  Partner with someone next time you want 20/20 clarity on your choice.

— beth triplett

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