Think of the telltale signs you leave for strangers that give them clues about who you are.

The maid in your hotel room knows your gender, likely if you are traveling for business or pleasure, whether you are neat or sloppy and what you like to read.  You could create quite a profile from such information.

The person who looks into your car can tell from your car seats how many young children you have, whether you are tidy or a pack rat, or maybe even your political affiliation and alma mater from the stickers on your back window.

Someone who sees you in a restaurant can learn about you by how you order (do you take a long time to decide or ask for substitutions), what you order (are you health conscious or not so much) and how you leave your space when you depart (plates stacked or strewn).

All around you, people are seeing the clues you leave and forming impressions of you, even if you never meet face to face.  Don’t think you are ever invisible!

— beth triplett

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