Even though Dr. Seuss died nearly a quarter-century ago, today you are able to purchase one of his new books.  What Pet Should I Get? was found in a box by his widow — complete with text and drawings.  It is believed to have inspired the famous One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish that was originally published instead (in 1960).

Can you imagine finding a brand new Dr. Seuss story?  Even if you were his widow and secretary doing the finding, it would still be a thrill.

Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel) published 44 books during his lifetime, and yet he personally never saw fit to bring out the box that held this one. I wonder why.  Was he such a prolific writer that he forgot about it?  Did he think it was too similar to the One Fish story?  Or, if he was like most people, more likely the reason is that he didn’t think the book was “good enough”.

What is lurking in your desk drawer or on your flash drive?  As these blogs prove, your writing does not need to be perfect in order to be shared.  If you have “content”, put it out there for the world to see.  It may be the stepping stone that someone needs to launch on to other ideas.  It could be the inspiration someone requires at the moment.  Or it could be mediocre.  

But let the world decide.  Don’t leave your thoughts unshared for decades or until after you are gone.  Use your voice while you have it.

— beth triplett

*Source:  One draft, two draft, old draft…new Dr. Seuss book by Sarah Begley, Time, August 3, 2015, p. 63

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