I just returned from being a tourist and noticed that there is nothing like vacation to inspire photography.  I am sure that I took more pictures in the past week than I have in any similar time period all year.  I also realized that I am IN more pictures on vacation than at any other time.

I remember ‘back in the day’ when everyone had actual cameras.  Finding someone else to take a picture of you and your traveling companions was always a chore.  If you spotted a willing volunteer, the next five minutes were spent in giving camera lessons.  

Today, you can hand anyone your smart phone and they know how to work it.  Phone-based cameras have become ubiquitous.  Everyone knows how to take pictures vs. fiddling with the uniqueness of each model of camera.

Ironically, even though the pool of knowledgeable photographers has increased, the need for them has decreased.  Now people often take their own group shots via selfies or with the dreaded selfie stick.  More people know how to point and shoot, but less are asked to do so.

Instagram reports* that 40 million photos are posted daily to its site!  That’s a lot of vacations and probably even more selfies.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Use your camera, and the shared understanding of most people around you, to capture visuals that convey your story better than words can.

— beth triplett

*Source:  Instagram reports 90M monthly active users, 40M photos per day and 8500 likes per second by Darrell Etherington, on techcrunch.com, posted January 17, 2013 http://techcrunch.com/2013/01/17/instagram-reports-90m-monthly-active-users-40m-photos-per-day-and-8500-likes-per-second/

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