What’s the best part about doing laundry?  Taking things out of the dryer, of course.

Charles Schultz said that “happiness is a warm puppy,” but I think that happiness is being enveloped in a load of warm laundry.  Regardless of the outside temperature, things just out of the dryer feel cozy and wonderful.  

Somehow, a fresh dryer load is the perfect temperature even if it only lasts for a fleeting moment.  Think about the moments you create in your organization.  Is there a way you can capture a prized experience even for a brief time?  What about a smell that your clients soak in as they enter?  Or a sound of soothing music as they wait?  Or an unusual work of art that lights up their eyes when they first see it?

The just-out-of-the-dryer perfection does not endure, but it does delight while it exists.  Stop for a moment and forget about on-going customer enhancements and ponder if you can wow for just a brief experience.

— beth triplett

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