There are certain things that you can just never seem to get rid of, even though you never set out to keep them:

> Glitter
> Easter grass
> Stickers put on by the moving company
> Cubes of glass from a broken car windshield
> Pieces of evergreen from Christmas garland

I’ll bet that you have found remnants of these items long after you believe you “cleaned up” from using them originally.  I moved eight years ago and just found another moving sticker on the underside of a table.  There is constantly glitter from the “ruby slippers” on my bookshelf, and it always reminds me of the giver of that gift.  And if you have ever had a broken car window, you know that glass remains in the air vents and every nook and cranny for the rest of the time you own the vehicle.
These are all things that we wish to be rid of, yet they prevail.  How can we apply that concept to things that we hope would be preserved?  You don’t have to be as drastic as the prank of mailing people a box full of glitter, but can you add some sprinkles to your next mailing with a message to intentionally extend the sparkle?  Can you ask people to share pictures on Facebook of holiday remnants long after the season is over (e.g.: evergreens in July)?  Or hold a contest to guess how many moving stickers will be used by an exiting employee?  Or just smile when yet another shows up.

There are things that have staying power.  Instead of being annoyed, how can you see the humor in their seemingly endless presence?

— beth triplett

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