The way you can make things your own is often in the details instead of the big things.

Jelly Belly entered a crowded market of candy and claimed their spot by becoming the purveyor of unique flavors.  There are over 50 of them, including draft beer, buttered popcorn, cappuccino, cantaloupe, Tabasco, pancakes and maple syrup, pina colada and chili mango.

Now they have taken their niche and expanded it through clever packaging.  For example, you can pay $1 for 1 oz (about 10) Jelly Belly beans in a Frozen Olaf Icicle Mix and have their same beans at an even higher premium price.

What I like about their packaging is that someone paid attention to every detail, including the UPC code.  Instead of the standard code like every other package on the shelf, Jelly Belly’s is in the shape of a bean:
What assumptions are you making about what you produce or publish?  Do you assume your mailing has to be in an envelope?*  Do you think the UPC code has to be rectangular?  Do you think the stamp has to come from the Post Office instead of being personalized?

You probably have a lot more latitude than your are using.  Question the details and see if you can put your own mark on them.

— beth triplett

*See Blog #1122, June 28, 2015

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