Today is the three-year anniversary of leadershipdots.  Over a span of almost 1100 days and through over a million characters, I have tried to impart thoughts that make you think.

When I look back, one of the most striking observations is that I did not include any pictures during Year 1.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, I think of how many more words I have written visually beyond the 275,000 words I have used literally.  (I thank Colleen for posing the question as to why I did not incorporate photos to illustrate my point.)  My iPhone has become an invaluable tool in blogging.

Today, so much of our communication is through visuals.  Through Instagram, Flickr galleries and sharing of selfies, we see and learn with a heavy emphasis on pictures.  Could it be another trend coming full circle as we replicate the cave drawings and sharing of the stories of those times via visual art?

This blog has given me a new appreciation for cartoonists who need to generate daily content for their comic strips.  Daily is an arduous task; a beast that needs to be continually fed.  But on the positive side, it makes me more aware of what is going on around me and instills a discipline that translates into other areas of my life.

I did not wait for a “perfect moment” to start writing this blog — June 2 is a non-consequential, random date.  Take today’s lesson from that.  You can begin now — at whatever is inside you to be shared.

— beth triplett

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