When I was walking along the riverbank in South Carolina, I came upon a container to recycle something I had not seen before:  fishing line.  I am not sure whether it will truly be re-purposed into something else, or whether it is just a vehicle to keep the line out of the water and free from doing damage to the marine and wild life in the area.  Either way, I applaud the service.

The collection of fishing line makes sense along the banks of a shallow river, and they had accessible containers that made it easy for people to dispose of their line.  

Think about what you could collect in your organization or neighborhood:  A place to put unused school supplies as students clean out their lockers at the end of the year.  Boxes for the food pantry as college students move out of their residence halls or apartments.  A sharing space for unwanted water toys or sand tools at the beach.  A community collection for empty gardening pots and containers.  A common place where those who move can donate their moving boxes and wrap to someone else.  Or what about an easy way to leave magazines or books for others to swap at airports.

We utilize so many things that are of limited on-going value to us.  What can you do today to make sharing or recycling easy to do?

— beth triplett

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