Think of the people you know simply because of your routines:

> the same nurse or donor because you give blood on an eight week rotation

> the person at the salon who has their appointment in the same interval as you do

> a fellow commuter on “your” train to work every day

> the customer at Starbucks who grabs their morning latte the same time as you do

> a mom who always picks up their child from day care as you are retrieving your children

Even if you don’t know their name or story, you often give a nod of familiar recognition.  These people are not strangers to you, and their mere presence adds to your connectedness to the community.

There are two ways to think about this: you could broaden your circle simply by mixing up your routines or you could deepen your relationships by getting to know those with whom you coincidentally interact on a recurring basis.

If you find yourself in the same elevator with someone most every day, strike up a conversation and see if you both don’t feel better greeting each other by name.

— beth triplett

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