Have you ever heard of Ed Lowe?  Probably not, but if you are a cat owner, you should be grateful to him. 

In 1947, Mr. Lowe invented cat litter, an invention that over the years has allowed millions of cats to become indoor pets.

I love stories about people who invent things that I never think of as being “invented.”  Cat litter doesn’t seem like a very lofty claim to fame, but without it countless people would have been deprived of the company of their furry companions.

Or Orville Merillat who designed the standardized system upon which all cabinetry is based.  Without him, you couldn’t go to Home Depot and get a new kitchen; it would all need to be customized.  

Did Mr. Merillat know his use of 3″ increments would become the standard long after he he was gone?  Did he see it as significant or monumental?  Probably not, but it was.

What is out there for you to invent?  Whether it be the next cat litter or cabinet measurements, the world needs you to create.

— beth triplett

Cat litter Source:  Great Work Provocation by Box of Crayons 4/20/15  GreatWork@boxofcrayons.biz

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