I recently participated in a focus group where members of an organization were trying to learn my perceptions about the previous events they had hosted.  As we shared our observations, it became apparent that a few of us had attended some of the lectures while others did not, and selected people had access to the common readings while others were too new to have received them.

More so than feedback about which event was good and which was not came the realization that what was needed was a way to provide an archive and access over time.  As members come and go from the group, it would be helpful to have a way for them to learn from what was done previous to their joining.  

We described the current mode of the organization as “one and done”, meaning that something happens live and in the moment, and no attention is paid to capturing, preserving or sharing the learning that occurs.  The sessions are not recoded; notes are not taken; materials are not archived — so if you miss it, you lose out.

How much richer the long term impact could be if the experience — or at least the essence of it — became available outside of the present place and time.  

Think about the content that your organization is generating.  If it has value, it is worth saving so you can share.

— beth triplett

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