Do you remember the wonder of snow globes when you were a kid?  I was always fascinated by shaking one and watching all the snow slowly fall into place.

A friend shared this image as a metaphor for when life brings on a sudden change.  She called it “a snow globe moment.”  Your world feels turned upside down and you just sit there waiting for the pieces to fall in place.

Think about how you can apply the positive feelings inspired by real snow globes to living through the experience of a metaphorical one.  Is there any joy to be had in anticipation of the new pattern that evolves?  Can we take a bit of time for reflection while watching the snow to fall?  Does it offer any solace that the globe can be shaken many times and still survive?

I don’t wish “snow globe moments” on anyone, but the inevitability of them in life is there.  Just as a globe provides a temptation for someone to reach out and shake it, so does a life fully lived contain many tumultuous moments.  The next time there is snow in your world rest assured that it will settle down again — if only for a brief while.

— beth triplett


Thanks to Emily’s friend!

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