The buzz at work yesterday was about the Final Four game and all it entailed.  For those of you who went to bed at a sensible hour instead of staying up to watch it, Duke won the championship over Wisconsin in a very close game with a host of lead changes.

Much of the talk was about Duke’s coach Mike Krzyzewski (aka Coach K) who won his fifth national championship, second to only the legendary UCLA mentor John Wooden.  Coach K has won 1,018 games, the most of any Division I leader.  He has been lauded by many as the best coach ever.  It’s heady stuff.

All the plaudits got me wondering if anyone ever turns down an invitation to play for the man.  Is there any player out there who does not want to be on Coach K’s team?  Maybe they don’t seek him out, but I have to believe there wouldn’t be too many who would refuse a roster spot.  Maybe some young men would say no because of geography or loyalty to their home state/parents’ alma mater, etc., but I would venture that the list of reasons to decline would be short.

Think of the lessons you can take from Coach K that have nothing to do with balls, hoops or hardwood.  How can you cultivate his type of excellence in your endeavors?  What could you do to reverse the role from seeking clients to having them seek you, or at least welcome an offer should it come?  What could you do differently to earn the type of respect that he enjoys?

There is not an abundance of good role models for you to emulate, but Mike Krzyzewski is one of them.  Implementing his formula of hard work and respect is a slam dunk for success.

— beth triplett

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